L.E.$. - April 15th

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LE$ in this mof*cka

This bitch yeah

Shit I’m all about that Louie and my ..turn that Gucci

Turn your bith into ym groovy then we run it through her Gucci

Help, yes I’m a king up in this bitch now where my grown

Probably this niggas in this city just some elly dollar grown

Bitch we hear your song, you see it in your sweat

If you wanan to be my son

All you had to do is last ..little niggas

Put some food upon your plate

Should I leave you turn you real

Want nobody call you fate

Feel me up in the spot want deep never trippin nigga

This run it get the game know sir I ain’t deepin

Ain’t no come up my dollar ship I had to go and learn

Put my hand up on the stover shit I had to let it burn

Ain’t no lesson like experience and that the truth

And a lot of ..and I’m watching get the coop

Told it will be me one day so I hit the lab before

It’s working making money appear

Now hocus pocus nigga

LE$ mof*cka

You’re wrong

I might as well stunt I give a bitch a satck and say by everything you want

And now we f*ck with packages so I don’t like you rapers

All I act is I make left us looking that you’re looking backwards

My crib in the back woods and say them back woods

It used to do Caucasian now I roll in black woods

I look in the ..any former ..

I regulate the game I don’t have time to hate you

I guess it’s ‘cause I’m trill with their life cause it feel in my right

Pop the seal in the..slow feel in this right

I eat grow with shades I grind ..my ..by nikey ‘cause I’m ..hard in my soul

Switch look I don’t got no..for who ..nigga we ..me

Look in the mirror envious me, for the shit they love the G

Go out before they leave about ym mouth you don’t fuss the..

I say keep it on hoe break it the yeah and I stay H time ..

‘cause I’m H time raised me and extra forms

Keep shit playin mate ..rapin the shits to ..

Real niggas how we livin bitch we ..the form

LE$ mof*cka

Real shit

Real shit


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