L.E.$. - Ain't That A Bitch

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Look, feeling good shit I’m fresh off work

Bout to hop off in that slab and lurk

Light that swisher I’ve been thinking bout all day

Trying to come up in this game that we all play

Got paid so you know I’m acting brand new

Fresh cut got me feeling like the man too

Car clean, rims in my tight, I ain’t even tripping on my stickers that expired

Still riding out, ain’t hiding out, cup filled up by the bar, I ain’t …out

Phone ringing, this a broad I’ve been wanting to bone

She said, grab a pack of rubbers then meet her at home

Now I’m speeding to the pussy, fucking on my mind got me slipping like a rookie

Cause the pedal to the metal while I mash it

Heard the siren with the red and blue flashing

Ain’t that a bitch, ain’t that a bitch, ask yourself

Ain’t that a bitch, ain’t that a bitch, ah X 2

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