L.E.$. - ACE

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You know what this is? Yeah

That's cool



I'm just ridin' and reflectin'

Mesmerized, she admires her reflection off that new paint

See, I'm givin' y'all a picture

Tryna tell y'all I'm a different type o' nigga

Got some stories to tell

Observed some things out here runnin' in these streets

Took some falls, but always landed on my feet

I ain't one for defeat

I think of the winnin' eva since I got a taste

Hate to look back since I got it first place

You catchin' the flet, bout to get lapped

Only time I seen the bitch Columbian, the whip is European

The camera sis American, the kush from California

Your mannequin is style, but just remember it;'s a long run

Return it to the O-Nuts, yo smelly aroma bond neva 9

Not mine for the grind

Niggas pop and fall into line

I ball by design, heaven's structured by my foundation

We buildin' it up, y'all signin' deals, takin' the rapin'

Pumpin' and fakin', we pull up, takin' 'em shots

Respect to the OG's, but now we takin' 'em spots

Promise we gon' hold it down, keep the throne in it's place

Bucket low, gold chain, gold wiz, ace nigga


This is the best product



Look, sippin' champagne to the purple

Clearin' all o' those hurtles, keep Ricco's outta yo circle

Watch that company you keep and the world full of snakes

One thing about success, most of the love's fake

Them handshakes ain't genuine, smiles ain't neva real

See, murderers can't be cast, cause a partner's caps they done build

Got my hand up on the whip, grip in tally and grain

That naughty, this ain't no party, niggas loosin' they brains

For them chains and the wiffs, feelin' like a slave without it

Percy told us ain't no limits, is you really bout it buddy?

Last gods of the ghetto pushin' audio deep

Feel like Many or B. Atrice, who big timin' like me?

Man, who flier than we? Jetplanes, we droppin' bombs

Our tactics is shackin' up, I'll take 'em to Babylon

How ta gonna win a war if you couldn't win a battle?

Spit the venom like a cobra, difference is I neva rattle

Neva shook, I read they plays like an open book

A prodigy cost a havoc, ain't no 50 pussy crook

Many do it for the look and we do it for the luv

Movin' tapes like we out here movin' drugs

Ace, nigga


This what I'm sayn, this life


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