Left Boy

Left Boy - I want to

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(I want to) Give you what you need but I've been fucked up on percocets and weed.

(I want to) Tell you where to go but I don't even know where the (fuck) I'm goin so...

Wan.. wan.. to.. 3-3-3 4 5 How many did I take? I just want to feel alive..

(I want to) I really do but I cant so I'm leavin for a month or two.

(I want to) Keep it all together but this money is the devil; I'm spendin it like whateva

(I want to) Get my daddy that picasso. They say I'll never make it 'cause they think I'm such an asshole

(Want to) Stop.. Impossible.. My flow is sick and I'm a bad hospital.

(I want to) Take this green and turn it. Twist it. Burn it. It's your turn to hit.

(I want to be someone else or I'll explode...)

I know I'm blessed in every which way..

did the rabbit go down

vodka with some O.J.

simpsons on the tv

roaches in the ashtray

my mothers asking why I never considered to study

I tell her I'll be big,

I'm not the brightest son

but I'll be lightin up the world and remembered when I'm done

She tells me not to run from the issues in my life

so I try to take a stand and end up swallowing the knife.

I said (I want to)

tell her I just put a million in

her bank account and she'll never have to worry again.

(I want to) tell my daddy that I'm fine

that I'm happy with this girl and I ain't fucked up all the time, ay yo(I want to)

Change.. Adjust.

Go to New York and blow up or bust.

It's just a matter of trust.

(I want to be someone else)

Or Be Dust....

(I want to be someone else or I'll explode.)

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3 Comments found

Thursday 18th of October 2012 20:46
"not the brightest son" line is a play on words because he's referring to him as a son and the sun.
Thursday 17th of May 2012 11:46
its: "I'm not the brightest SUN"
Flat Eric
Saturday 5th of November 2011 01:44
It's "did the rabbit go down" not rabbid. Sorry about the typo love, Flat Eric