Lee Brice

Lee Brice - Welcome To America

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5am at the Waffle HouseWorkers filing in, strippers walking outTruckers driving down the interstateDoin' coffee and pills 'cause they got bills to payAnd over the Brooklyn bridge a lady runsDoing all she can to stay looking young, youngAnd underneath on a cardboard bedA man sleeping with shoes under his headWelcome to AmericaWelcome to AmericaCollege kids shotgun and beerA hobo prophet screaming the end is nearA teenage girl in the bed of a truckCan't help but think that this just might be loveWelcome to AmericaWelcome to AmericaTears streaming down a mother's faceWhen a folded flag comes home in her son's placeIn a hospital room a new daddy criesWhen he holds his baby girl for the first timeShe opens up her eyesWelcome to AmericaWelcome to AmericaWelcome to AmericaThe houses lined up like dominoesHigh rises, high as they can goA single mom at the laundromatDropping every last quarter that she hasGrandma's making apple piesGrandpa's at the barber shop telling liesWelcome to AmericaWelcome to AmericaWelcome to AmericaWelcome to AmericaWelcome to America

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