LEDISI - Alright lyrics

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[Verse 1]

This life can make me so confused

but it's alright

Living day by day I feel so used

that aint right

I just wanna run and hide, but I don't have the time to cry

it's alright(its alright)

it's alright, alright

[Verse 2]

Many thoughts are runnin through my head

it's alright

Wishing to be somewhere else but here and it's alright

I cant wait to see your face

I need a smile in your embrace

I'm alright(its alright)

I'm alright



Life can bring us through many changes

it's alright

Just don't give up know that it's gonna be alright

people come and they go(they go)

thats just the way that it goes

(everything is everything)

it's alright

[Verse 3]

Sometimes the rain it makes me sad and its alright

somethings in the world they make me mad and its alright

In the morning when I see the sun, I know I'm not the only one and its alright(it's alright)

its alright, hey(right)

[Verse 4]

Wish I had some money to pay bills (huh)

I can't even buy that dresson sale but it's alright

Having money don't mean a thing, lonving you is everything and I'm alright(it's alright)

I'm alright




oh-oh-oh(everything is everything)

oh-oh-ohhh-oh(its gonna be alright)

oh-oh-oh(everything is everything)

oh-oh-ohhh-oh(its gonna be ALRIGHT)

[Chorus 3x]

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