LECRAE - Walk With Me

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I get a little weak sometimes

Teach me the way, night and day

Verse 1:

Oh, I'm under pressure, man, I'm under pressure

Been tryna walk it out I keep ended up a stretcha’

Problems in life‘ll stretch ya’, ain't got it all together

They say the change comin’, but it’s feelin’ like forever

Oh, I’m on mission, they probably think missin’

Some screws, but it’s these three nails that keep me drivin’

If God ain’t with me, I know that I'm gon’ fail

And ain’t a wish in the well that can wish ya’ boy well

Cells eaten by cancer got me lookin’ for answers

Doctors say my daughter won't grow up to be a dancer

Just walked out that funeral, I’m right back in my cubicle

Lord, I'm ready for heaven

I'm just waitin’ on the cue to go

Feel like givin’ up and just blamin’ it on my daddy

He never meant to have me, and problems keep comin’ at me

I wanna walk with Jesus, but my legs too heavy

I'm hopin’ prayer works ‘cause the walls can't hear me

Come on!

Hook (Novel):

So I drop to my knees and I scream with my might

I’m know that these walls can’t hear me

I say, “Lord, please won’t you hear my cry?”

I know that these walls can’t hear me

Maybe if I plead and I sing out loud

I know that these walls can’t hear me

Jesus come walk, come walk with me now

‘Cause I know that these walls can’t hear me

Verse 2:

Oh, D Wade died first, now my Uncle Skip gone

Then I lost my grandpa, and that's when it hit home

That people keep leavin’ me, this world keep deceiving me

They sellin’ me false hope, and I keep believing it

Come on!

I promise I think I'm going insane

Come on!

And gravity pullin’ me down the drain

Come on!

My boys in Afghanistan goin’ crazy

Staring at them pictures of they babies

Bullets flyin’ everywhere, prayin’ they gon’ make it home

Lord, give ‘em Hope.

Without it, what else they bankin’ on?

Everything is fallin’ all around me, put yo’ arms around me

Sinkin’ in my sorrows got me drowning

Tempted to empty bottles and throw ‘em off in wind

Devils lurkin’ ‘round the corner, just waitin’ for me to sin

I pray that you sustain me and keep me from givin’ in

Ain't gotta get me out

Just get through to the end!!!

Lord Jesus, come on!


See I need some healing

‘Cause I’m losing feeling

Lord won’t you please hear my cry, yeah

Let your love rain from the sky.

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