LECRAE - Used To Do It Too

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Hey, KB, man, you know we don't brag on our past

We just relate

Some folks think they mistakes

Gonna keep them out the gates

It ain't about what you do, it's about what He did

Let's go!


I used to do it too, I used to do it too,

I used to do it, used to do it, used to do it too

I used to do it too, I used to do it too,

I used to do it, used to do it, used to do it too

But I'm changed, now I'm something different (Aye)

I'm changed, I love the way I'm living (Aye)

I'm changed, saved me from my own sin (Aye)

I'm changed, I learned how to live again (Aye)

(Verse 1)

Ah man you name it bra, I promise I done done it all

so busy doin me that I aint care at all (but I'm changed)

I know I aint the person that I used to be

I look the same but man I promise this a newer me

see what I used to be was selfish and conceited

I was living for myself and telling Jesus he could beat it

at the time I couldn't see it, all I saw was havin fun

went to church to look for ladies, not to look upon the Son

I was a hedonist, now Jesus is my pleasure

I was a narcissist, but now I'm lookin betta.

but I ain't fixed myself, aint turned myself around

I gave it up and told the Lord that he could have it now


(Verse 2)

I was tryin to figure what's a goone to a goblin

that's nonsense tell me this though what's a goone to the God-Head

I gotta seed sown from the Regal

Then He deboed all my evil and my ego

Now I devote, all of me bro, to the King so

We know that he redeems souls

Got that right homie I'm different.

At times i don't be feelin it.

Salvation aint a feelin lil homie its a positionin

Great sinners sin is great but the Great Savior is omnipotent

And you quit dissin Him you ain't got no sins that He can't forgive.


(Verse 3)

You see Satan uses guilt to strip away our hope

He shows us our mistakes and tells us we’re a joke

I used to sit and mope like what’s the point in all

If I’m a Christian how come everyday I seem to fall

But I ain’t know that all my sins were nailed upon the cross

I found this out in chapter 2 in the Book of Colossians

See the devil’s a liar, yeah he’s an accuser

He tells me I’m worthless, he says I’m a loser

But now I refuse to let him lead me wrong

Reading the Word in the morn got me feeling strong

I found my worth in Christ and I’m pursuing truth

A living testimony so you can do it too


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