LECRAE - The Line

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[Verse One]

You know it's on and poppin and aint no stoppin

keepin the party rockin for God who's watchin

Without Christ the Rock who would rock ya body

Who would rock the party, or rock the lobby

He gave us a reason to praise Him up in the Steeple

When He came down and died for the evil that we do

We aint playin games or reppin His name to gain change

We do this to maintain and change the mainframe

gangstas that gangbang and hustlas that slang thangs

We know you're a sinner but it's time for a name change

It's the Holy Rock Repper, reppin the Rock whether or

not it's hot on ya block in the hot weather

We in the party screamin "Jesus WHUUUT"

You see somebody wildin out? what you seen was us

We keep it krunk for Christ because of His redeeming love

We gone rep him till we die or til He beams us up so get 'em up!


You rollin with the line now baby

Get your hands up high now baby

We keep it crunk for Christ, we'll never change that

The same cats rockin even after the cows came back (mmmmm)

Get your hands up, Get your hands up, get your hands up, get your hands up

[Verse Two]

Tadow! How you like me now I'm in the mix

See I'm a fiend for Jesus Christ and I'm about ta get my fix

With the Krunkness, I hope you feeling my worshipnow peep my drunkness

because the Spirit is working I pray you pump this

to all your friends that are worldly, to see we bump this

because we know that He's worthy

I'm from the dirty

the place where they say that the cops got him, or the glock shot him

this is where people hit rock bottom

crack houses and dirty spouses, how can you not spot him?

Because of this drama I nicknamed my block Sodom.

But God took this brotha, one coming a dime a dozen

and brought me back to His loving, delivered me from destruction

From the land of the Trill, worse than Amityville

with one hand on the wheel, and one hand on the steel

To His commandments and will, He understands how I feel

but he called me to run as hard as Emmit ran on the field.

Now get 'em UP!


[Verse Three]

Ride with this Christian Partner, While we present the

Father, Vibe to this rhythm holla, live till you hear

them holla, or see them follow, forsaking Impalas and

dollars, or smoking la la, For popping collars in honor to Abba

Now wild out! And get crunk to this Plumbline

collaboration, we out to grab the station til God gets his adoration

Aye yo this beat got us jumpin and stompin we keep it

pumpin like Jesus comin

I see you runnin, you keepin somethin from me, you frontin

But you can't front on Jehovah, He knows ya...

Not J-A-Y but J-E young soldier

I told ya, He's the owner man

He want it, He says it and gets it, it's over man

He gave us the life that we're livin, He owns us man

You either rollin with the Rock or get rolled over man


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