LECRAE - The Good Life

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We can live it. That good life

Yeah so we can leave it

Yeah that good life

That good life

Now we can live it

Yeah we can live it

Yeah good life

What he need God for?

He got money to the heavens

Never pulled a ..

But he preach it like a reverend

Never satisfied with second

Except for second home second car second woman on his arm second bottle from the bar

Good life, even though he got it he don’t get it

Cause he livin for the moment but this moment has an ending

Matter fact it’s been a minute, all he see is pretty women

Big lights big names in a minute that’ll change burn

Caught up in an all consuming flame

All alone, still rejecting Jesus’ name

Even if he could change he would never do it

Grandma told him about living water he prefer the sewage

He don’t know why he do it, desired just enslave him

Addicted t himself do whatever just to praise him

Give himself the money pleasure and treasure that’ll rust

When he traded his eternity for 20 years of lust


Where the models go pop

Models go shop

Everyone knows who you are

But then the lights run on curtains fall off

You see it all was false

But that’s the good life

Lights. Camera, action

Where is the satisfaction?

Good life black diamonds and gold

Living highest when you live on the low

I take the narrow route

That speedway’s a monster

It’s all good I go to sleep without a guilty conscience

For that they call me conscious

But I am very conscious

Of what I am missing I ain’t trippin on the girls in the VIP

Fronting for each other

They are acting like they are something that they not, they undercover

Trying to get under covers but one day they’ll discover

They gave parts of themselves away that they’ll never recover

A part time lover took a fulltime pay

God please show her mercy

Her affliction’s here to stay

She just found out she’s pregnant and the child has been infected

What’s worse that that, she’ll never meet the guy that she rejected

The one that can protect her, comfort her to the grace

And resurrect her body to live with Jesus who saves

Can’t say that God ain’t loving her

She wanted to be a slave

This is a cruel master leaving them full of pain


50 years from now, he may be full of gray hair, beard long

And even closer to a home that she’s never known

Right now his home’s facing 25-to-life

Siting in the country jail, court appointed lawyer like

If this case is Tina Turner, homey, I am not Ike

Got his momma crying daily but she is praying every night

Only 20 but there’s plenty that he’s paying with his rights

Thought he got a life sentence but he really got life

He done read that bible twice

Been in plenty fights, sleepless nights

But when he trusted Christ you could see that change overnight

Knew he’d die in prison but was livin for another life

Every time his lights out he closer to the other side

Partners on the outside think he found religion as a Coping mechanism when he say the Lord’s risen

Now he lay awake in prison praying for his homeys in the streets

Cause truth is he’s free-er that they gonna ever be


Yeah so we can leave it

Yeah that good life

That good life

Now we can live it

Yeah we can live it

Yeah good life

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