LECRAE - The Backroom

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Ladies and gentlemen you now rocking with the best

Your number one cosigner in the game, don cannon

And I brought the superstar with me

Lecrae, let’s go get em

Bt’s backroom

Yes, bt done let me jack up in this

Then it’s a bizness, plus my ending’s got an appendix menace

To your society, lyrics full of sobriety

Body me, if you don’t like these policies that I be ...

Sick of seein them hallow hard they get swallowed

By audemars and automatics

I manually give em the manual let them know they..

When I say jesus or a manual partner

I was a cannibalistic valuable animal

People lookin for change, any food that’s in the thanking

It was franklin

You only get one shot, and you crank it

The lord started thinking

Couple with all depravity

Got me praying and free us from this gravity

Now wanna light the know

I hope that they bring back the wire

Hope lupe don’t retire, hope I’ll leave you all inspired

I rewired iron chest, tire less, I am blessed

With the spirit that resurrects the dead,

Try and test, yes.

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