LECRAE - Strung Out

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Strung Out / LecraeHow could I love you, when all you ever did was wrong?How could I trust you? you lied to me all alongYou strung me out...[Lecrae]I'm going through withdrawals, the shakes and allYou did me dirty, I almost died dawgI let you play me, and plus you gave meAll the filthy things I wanted, all my sinful cravingsBut I see you, yeah you're see-throughSomebody opened up my eyes and I don't need youI gotta leave you, before you take my lifeI used to date you then I went ahead and made you wifeyYeah, you had me feelin for the stuff you offerYou such a scoffer, I know you want me in my coffinBut girl you already lost it, your ways are perishedThank you God for your salvation, this is what I cherish[Chorus]How could I love you, when all you ever did was wrong?How could I trust you? You lied to me all alongYou strung me out {*8X*}[Lecrae]Uh, I'm on your grip, I'm on your graspYou had me mesmerized, you had me in your handsLuster the eyes, the pride of lifeYou offered me the world, you made it look so niceYou took me high, but left me down and outI run right back to you thinkin that you would help me outYou never satisfy, you only gratifyYou're just a bad illusion, to every passerbyAnd I don't want you 'round, you only bring me downSo glad I quit you I don't miss you cause you had me downSo get gone, get gone {*7X*}[Chorus][Lecrae]Do not love the world or the things in the worldIf anybody loves the world, the love of God is not in 'emThe world's passing away...Along with its desires but...Whoever does the will of God will live foreverI know it hurts sometimesWe've got to go through withdrawalCause we've been strung out[Chorus]

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