LECRAE - Send Me

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Send Me, I'll Go

Send Me, I'll Go

Send Me, I'll Go

Let Me Go, Let Me Go

(repeat 4 x's)

I Seen it wit my own two

Theres no way I can show you

A perfectly poverty stricken people with no view

And I bet you can't believe this

They never heard of Jesus

Heard of Young Buck, Lil' Wayne, and Young Jeezy

No One signing up to go on missions this summer

Rather sit at home and watch Xzibit pimpin a hummer

While a nine year old is Shot down

No one sreamin Stop now

No bridge illustrates for criminals who on Lockdown

People deep in Africa, lookin for an answer bra

In China men are dyin man until they know who died for sin

So, look what grace did

Not for us to stay here

Inside our comfort zones at home in Momma's basement

Get out on the grind ya'll, aint no better time dog

I know you read the Great Commission let me just remind ya'll

Make Disciples of the Nation teach them to obey the Lord

Hate to never lead someone to Christ before I *face* the Lord

Chorus (repeat 4 x's)

hey, after 1000 years in the west and the churches

Gettin bigger daily without understandin worship

Some regenerate but alot aint saved

You walk outside and be surprised cuz the block aint changed.

And the numbers they be gettin them

Somethin still aint hittin them

America aint Christian they just practicin the rituals

Thats why we should be missional hey what you think I'm spittin fo

United States is dyin and the east is lookin pitiful

Some places if they catch you they'll arrest you and they'll serve you

But they still need the word too the gospel should be heard too

We claim we aint ashamed but yet we still aint hit the block up

We in our Christian bubble while our brothers gettin locked up

Lord I wanna Stock up

Take a bag and Walk up

In a country where sharin my faith may get me Shot up

*Anywhere I go whether my city or far abroad*

I just wanna show them Jesus Christ the risen Holy God.

Chorus (repeat 4 x's)

I know they dyin in the streets

Over in the Middle East

Some kids seekin peace

Others holdin up a piece

If the violence doesnt Cease

Then at least, the deceased

Might know Jesus as they savior as they're body hit the street

And I know this is a graphic view

I pray that its attackin you

Tractin you, to act and do what you see in the back of ???

Matthew 24 *and 14*We should read it twice

Before we think that life is just a Battle we see free in Christ

Look dog, life is more than Church, Work, and Football

What if you were dead in sin and Christians overlooked ya'll

This is why we leave the couches and leave the comforts of our house

To show a dying world a God they probably never read about

Yeah...The Great Commission says make Disciples of all nations

Have we even made em in our own nation?

Come on Christians

Missions exist because worship doesnt

People don't worship the God that made them

We Ambassadors..Let's Go!

Chorus (repeat 4 x's)

Thanks to Kevin for these lyrics

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