LECRAE - Power Trip

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Power Trip / LecraeWho's got the power?[Pro]The key to life: money, power, respectLouie this, Gucci that, two private jetsBig money, big business, watch that paper stackTreat life like a game, it ain't pool but I'm rackedUp, big bucks, no whammysI swear I prolly lump somebody head for a GrammyMy heart black as the Lambo Kim bought for KanyeAnd I ain't fronting, I'm just telling ya'll what God sayBlood thirstySeek my own will since the day that Adam cursed meThe lust for power go to ya' brain if you let itYou say, "What up dog?" I hear "god." I'm so dyslexicSit on the throne, it's really a toilet, heart is septicI have no power, I get handed death, I must accept itIt's hard to see the light when you never listenOur whole life's blacked out, the power's tripping[Chorus: Lecrae]Who's got the power?Do you really want it all, whole world in ya' palm? Tell meWho's got the power?It'll make you a leader or a tyrant, you do the decidinWho's got the power?Do you really want it all, whold world in ya' palm? Tell meWho's got the power?It'll make you a leader or a tyrant, you do the decidin[Lecrae]It was all a dreamI grew up readin hip-hop magazinesXXL got me wantin to excelThey tellin me it ain't hard to tell, I rock wellAnd now with every sale I'm feelin my head swellWell, I'm a genius in my dreamsEven if I was, it was stitched inside my genesI'm self-inflated, self-infatuatedAnd somehow I convinced myself I finally made itThe truth is I was made like the mobGeppetto put me together; my strings lead to GodPride come befo' the fall, I seen it in the scriptSo if you see me fallin, prolly a power trip[Chorus][Sho Baraka]Welcome to the culture where humility is not allowedThey do it big, if you don't see that, you Shallow HalTryna show them how love and power, it goes togetherIf they call us losers, that just means we last foreverI been connected to the power, I don't have to chase itI roll with the Trinity, this is sorta the MatrixA hard pill to swallow: we're evil to the coreWicked power exploits the poor, and it brings warPower can be a field of dreams loaded with land minesWe know the ruler so you can't say these are bad lines(You might lust for that power!), but don't forget that we're forgivenI know the Lord gon catch me when I'm power trippin[Andy Mineo]Who made the crowd put they hands in the sky? MeWho made the sky with they hands? What if y'all can't see?This is kinda strange, God makes the weather changeAnd we braggin up on our change like "look how we make it rain!"We Invictus, this sin sickness is in usRunning a muck and causing that mischief, tell me this then, "Who could really fix us?"I'm, trippin to think that I'm really not limited in this position in sitting inGravity pulling me back to earth gradually, reality's hittin(Who's got the power?)

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