LECRAE - New Reality

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Dear you yeah you the person listening

Is God using me trying to get your attention, yeah

See he remembers the first day that he made you

Mouldin' your lungs full of breath that he gave you

Not too mention the day he saved you

Or when he opened your eyes by the Spirit Christ was raised through

Did I mention that he forgave you

And had his flesh ripped off for the sin you was enslaved to

Now it seems you too far gone

You want to turn back but you ain't sure if you'll be welcome home

So you figure you just leave it alone

But you're addicted to yourself

We both know you can't see it alone

This is an intervention, Jesus intervened

He intercedes on behalf of a sinner's deeds

This is an intervention because the Lord hurts

Before it gets worse start making a reverse

Most times I pay no attention lose my direction all I chase is vanity

I forget I've been forgiven your love I've been given your grace shown me lavishly

You were born on earth on the cross you died for me forgive my depravity

Lord you are my reality

<i>[Verse 2:]</i>

Well cold water we drink, hot water we cook

But lukewarm does nothing it just sits and it looks

And that's you imagine these as the words of Christ

I remember you love me, I remember your light

You used to shine bright but now it's so dim

It used to be about us but now it's about them

You can't win playing hard games

But I love you even when your light's off in your dark shame

When you lay down and profane me

Or when your bloodstream contains the things that would defame me

When nobody knows that you claim me

Or when you mess your life up, get mad, and want to blame me

I still want you back, I won't punish you

I took that on the cross because I wanted you

I might discipline and chastise

But if you got what you deserved you'd be in hell with other bad guys


<i>[Verse 3:]</i>

You made it this far and that's a big move

But your addiction is hurtin your other friends too

Some of them miss you, some of them dissed you

But they was hurtin, strugglin to forgive you

And they hated how addiction got the best of you

Chose a lie when God promised the best for you

If you realize you livin in sin

Just confess and realize you're forgiven of sin

<i>[Hook x2]</i>

Thanks to Christian for correcting these lyrics

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