LECRAE - Like That

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Why you let them hit you like that

Why you let them treat you like that

Why you let them …

That’s a no no no

I hard they drive you crazy

But come on girl let’s face it

You got your heart to see

And you ain’t thinking straight with it

God loves you lady

You’re always gonna be His baby

But .. using your body

To go out …

You need to leave him shorty

And you should leave him shorty

.. message I’m guessing you think you need him shorty

Know what you need God

Your heart gonna please God

It will be His satisfaction little please God

He’ll never lie to you

You know it’s perfect love

You know He’s got for you

He’s got the perfect love

So let him go go go

Don’t stay with him

Is a no no no


Hey you know satan like to play you girl

Fighting out at that .. try to shake it girl

I am so pragmatic so …

That’s why you have to .. temptation

Tell them you can have it

.. make you think you are a slave

When you are a free man

.. but don’t be ignorant

Don’t fall pride to the lion in the lion’s cage

If it waits for you to be alone on a day or night

Figure out what’s wrong and ..

It’s too late right? You got caught up again

.. feel like you can never win but that’s the lie again

You got to rise up know that God is the only one who could save us

.. taking advantage of the way you …


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Thanks to feel

Thanks to julius smith mukopeka for correcting these lyrics

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