LECRAE - It's Your World

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[Verse One]I know I'm not fit or deserving to do thisBut I'm foolishIf I don't spit to give you Godly influenceLike a studentPractise and prudence will you walk with me through thisAs I give my feeble attempt at glorifying YeshuaCause heIs the beginning everything came into beingBy his being the being who created all other beingsWe're MCingDue to his benevolent freeing, decreeinghe's the almighty creator of everything that we're seeingThere is none like him, if you don't like himthen he'll use the liking of liking himself to acquire just to delight himThat's why I write hymnsMy right hand use to write sin battle 'gainst him like I was ShaolinAnd now despite sinI give praise the God who made sunny daysTo white lighteningIt's quite frighteningTo sing "Who's world is this" without proper enlightenment[Verse Two]He use intellegent designLike eloquence confinedLife elements assigned byElohim my Godhe left his fingerprintsYou thinking that our origins are coincidenceOur cemetary alone makes evolution look ridiculousAnd since our complexity is more than irreducibleThe fact our design had a designer is irrefutableI use science too to make a statement like thisThe existence of an atheist proves God existshe's the ownerholding the thronePotent and stronghe smote any foe approaching him on bolens aloneBut since he up-rose he told us to go on this roadShown my a knowledge foretoldSpoken by prophets of oldThe total opposite roleChosen by populace goesDown to the hottest abodeTotal apocalypse broThat's why we're rocking it yohand these sounds to the proudest manGod has brought you in this world and he can sure take you out of it[Verse Three]You should already know who's running itBrotha you don't want ithe made it in six but he'll only take one to crumble itThe earth rumbles at the sound of his mumblinghe flooded it once but with Noah he made a covenantSo the next time he's gonna be coming with flameshis antagonists don't know what they're up againstReturn of the last Adam who's rapping will smash men now holds together every last atomAnd that ain't even the sum of itMatter of fact you could handle the half I'm only giving you some of itBut it's still enough of it for you to come to gripsWith the fact that it's his planet you own none of itSo please consider how dumb it isTo take comfort in the momentary status you have and the stuff you gethe'll blaze it up in the end you can trust it kidBut we ain't bugging cause there's another one coming you dig[Verse Four]The earth was so impressed with his defeat of the graveThe ground did the harlem shake the ocean did the waveNo longer enslaved now that I see the LordAnd God is so deep he causes hurricanes when he brainstormsI switched teams me and Crae got traded on the same nightSame conference same sermon by James WhiteThe light of Christ is a blazing oneI'm evidence that his Grace is amazing sonMan continues to overvalue his worthSpends most of his time trying to conquer the earthThat kind of action only leaves you empty or hurtThen you see your true value when you return to the dirtFive thousand dollar casket, five hundred dollar clothesSix months for the grieving, one year to decomposeI've yet to find a human who can outlive the curseWhile God sits in the heaven, place his feet on the Earth

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