LECRAE - Invisible

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[Intro]Lord it's amazin all of the places that you put usSo amazin, the stages you put us on GodWe don't want any of that gloryFather God make us invisibleFather we wanna decrease that you might increaseJohn 3:30 ain't that rightDiamone? Make us invisibleIt's been hard thoughFather God through all of it I promise[Lecrae]I wouldn't trade it for nothin the long nights long flights for nothinI mean I'm sittin in the airport writin cousinNo I never woulda thought in all my wildest dreamsI'da seen all of the things I seenI mean I seen Katrina she came through hungryTook anotha city where desire is from yeCause only to yrs back we came to share thatGlorious gospel seen em holdin they tears backNow we got New Orleans in our backyard God is goodCause a few whoadies got saved since dey been in my hoodAnd we got to show em love with our time & moneyBut for me, yea it was more time than moneyBut if time is money then I must be brokeCause I love to get it in with people after the showWe talkin this places and covenants why for the love of itMe me yeah I'm lovin it we should be lovin it[Chorus: Diamone & Lecrae]Feel the power when ya reach the unreachable (the unreachable Lord)But there's more here than just the physical (just the physical God)The best when ya complete with the impossibleMake me invisible, you're visible[Lecrae]Lord erase me if I ever turned and lived for myselfCause your glory's infinitely greater than my personal healthAnd Lord I know I'm not worthless you give me my worthBut I know I'm not perfect to lolly the earthAnd can't nobody do it like the way you doUsin me and my whole crew to reach the world for youAnd it's true they watchin everything that we doYeah it's true that we're an illustration of youI look at verse 26 in Genesis chapter 1It says I'm lookin like my daddy the more I follow the sonAnd the more I follow the son all my days look brighterCause he placed a hope within me got me feelin all excitedGot me feelin like a writer like B on the train (whatup BJ)Standin up and tellin everybody Christ is King (Jesus)If ya see me on the TV or the world wide webKnow that I be givin Christ da credI know why some people see me but I don't tripI pray the Lord will keep me focused on a missional tipAnd use this music as a tool to get Christ inside of your domeI can't just say it on the mic I gotta do it at home[Chorus][Lecrae]Your boy ain't a rap star, I'm nothin like Jay-Z or GameI got a funny soundin name and I don't wanna be famousI don't make a lotta change, my heart has been changedI just wanna know Jesus mayn, to make it plainIt's like I got a message penetratin my soulIt's the wisdom the Father gives regeneratin my soulI'm sold on being soled that the glory is hisI'm trippin that he would even make me 1 of his kidsGet credit for so much but the credit ain't oursMy God how can I tell em this in sixteen barsPrepare a phrase tear a page share a stageBut no I could never fully communicate your glory aloneAnd at home I pray we'd all be some regular dudesFind a ministry we can share in while speakin these truthsI'm greatful that you know me if you send me I'll goLord I'm dyin to serve and I'm livin to know you[Chorus][Outro]LecraeYou're visible...

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