LECRAE - Going In

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YEAH..From trying to get over flying

Overseas I don't understand it all

But I know who oversees

I am in the sky looking down at the Pacific Ocean

Hoping the Father arms will open for the broke and hopeless

Touch down all around is the evidence

His power takes presidence of all these elements

Blue seas cool breeze under palm trees

The Spirit calms me as im reading through Psalm 3

we don’t know much about the place we hope we'll all be

All we, Heard about heaven that is that its beyond dreams

Set your heart on things above is what the word say

But we aint know a thing about it but the hurr(here) say

Hear say clearly I play the word for em

But with the word I ain’t playing like a bench warmer

Revelation 21 and Psalm 11:4

And Luke 20:36...


I got to get myself together

Cause he already fixed me up

I’m going in

I’m going in

No I don’t have to pack no bags, fill up on gas

Already got my pass yeah yeah

I’m going in

I’m going in

I promise aint nothing stop me

Biblical prophecy shaping my ideology

I don’t live for the money give it all away

Where I am going I know they can’t fallow anyway

I am trying to live the image I was created in

Earth was perfect he said it will be that way again

Then, will be really dancing with the stars

I might just hang out on the Moon tale a trip to Mars

Ours will be a new heaven new Earth

New life in heaven through a new birth

New mountains new skies is a new seas

A new body where I can do plenty new things

The depth hear and the blind see the new scene

And everyone is in the presence of the true King

No fears no tears just cheers for the Father

Send a Spirit you can hear us gettin near it


Swoop is chunkin deuces peace

To this life of hell

I get peace to the gates of heaven

I am too geeked to get life is well

As soon as I get home my faith is …

I know it was your plan to carry me

Through this world this cold man you gharry me

Im dead to the old man I buried me

The bride groom now holds hands and marries me

I am sick of this single life the weight weighs over a ton

I’m sick raging in nights

sick of just walking blind

Sick of the shingles life

Livin in the shades when the burden I need is light

The burden you give is light

Ready to move one up

Looking for Weezy's life

The way im living is prison im sick of the Weezy life

In jail with no pen pals

Im ready to soldier through glory, Denzel


Thanks to Austin Shadoan for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Bobby McDowell for correcting these lyrics

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