LECRAE - Get Low

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[Lecrae]Yeah, yeah, humility, humilityGet low boyGet low girlHumility, humilityI really shouldn't trust myselfCause without God I'm nothin but dust myselfSo full of pride I disgust myselfSo I stay tryin to crucify and crush myselfI ain't tryin to say I hate myselfBut my sin nature got me tryin praise myselfSo I get low, prostrate myselfAnd pray to God that I don't play myself, yeahFolks actin like NebuchanezzarLike they feet don't stink like they got it togetherGod have to break em down put em back togetherCause he looks to the humble to find his pleasureWhether, we missin hub caps or roll on dubsThe Earth is the footstool of God aboveCheck Isaiah 66 and face it bruhWe only significant because he raised us upTo get low[Chorus]Get low, get low, get low, get low, get low get low get lowDis ain't one of dem nasty throws I'm talkin bout humble yaself befo' the lordUh, Get low, get low, get low, get low, get low get low get lowYou ain't gotta touch the flo', but ya gotta give props to the God who roseGet low[Lecrae]This easy don't let me get comfortable, so full of myself I'm comfortableFolks wantin you the radio pumpin you start feelin yourself and now the Lord gotta humble youMake sure you do a heart check maynYou trying to rep Christ though you reppin your nameYou in it for his glory or you in it for your gameCause the Lord know the truth and if you doin it in vainYou think you gon miss yo chance?You trust in the Lord over circumstance (Whoa)Cause God will open the do', for thoseWho don't chase, ain't hopin for goldI pray this song soak in ya domeSo our God won't have to leave you broken to knowThat he's searchin your heart and he's bound to knowIf you goin for his name or you goin for yo's[Chorus][Lecrae]Check, Christ got low for daysHe's the God in the flesh we supposed to praiseBut he made himself low like the folks he madeAnd he died so our God had him rose in days, yeahAnd that's the way you do that maynWe submit to the God who can do all thangsCall him el elyon yeah pursue that nameNot da money not the glory don't pursue that thang, whatIn a matter worthy of yo causeYou a Christian, humility, you know that dawgYeah I know it's kinda hard eva since the fallHumility hasn't made much since at allEverybody say it's all about youbut nawDon't believe in the lies don't trust a dawgJust trust in the God who can crush us allBut to those that he chose - yeah he loves us allGet low

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