LECRAE - Fanatics

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I'm a F-A-N-A-T-I-C,Fanatic

I rep Christ till I D-I-E,Fanatic

I'm not extreme,I'm redeemed with faith

to serve a god whose extremely great

I'm a Fanatic

[Verse 1:]

The world's trying to tidy up,exfoliate they skin

but only Christ can come and exfoliate they sin

And they fate look grim,If they don't take him

As the high priesthe is to mediate they sin

The world's got too many Gods,man we choose the one

From Hebrews,he rules,he bruised his son

He moves the son

So if we prayin and our schools call us fools

Cuz our God's too true to shun

Channels two in one

Man it looks insane

T.v.make a lot Christians seem dramatically strange

Though we may be looked upon as one and same

We will not turn in shame, we proclaim the name

Christ Jesus, believe us, you ain't gotta recieve us

but we gon' follow our God wherever the bible lead us

And you can call us dramatic, fanatic, emphatic

But hate while you at it, take a look at our mathematics


[Verse 2:]

What can I do to make it simple, make it plain

Christ came, emptied himself and let out sin hang him

You couldn't blame him for any sin

While they singing many men

The crucifixion was pretty grim

But when we state the fact that God resurrects

We get funny looks from a world that doesn't get

We are not David Koresh or Krishna

Or the people on TV who glorifying their bishop

From Edwards to Piper, MacAurther to Spurgeon

From Dallas to France, From Cali to Berlin

As Christians all over who getting the word in

We ain't crazy we just understand the truth and we burdened

The world sees us as evangelical Christians

As narrow-minded fanatics with a mythical mission

Labeled extremists for sharing out faith

But thats cool, we can carry the weight of persecution

Cuz earth is losing

And if we yelling the truth

We honored to be the people that our God is using

So keep it moving

Cuz if we yelling the truth

We honored to be the people that our God is using


[Verse 3:]

They thought Jesus was out of his mind

they laughed and mocked him

Called him a cult leader and they tried to stop him

Pharisees said Christ got his power from Satan

Hatin', on the very one that came to save 'em

Even after he rose, man the world ain't changed

They still rejecting the name, still look at us strange

Still tell us without shame that our faith's insane

and, "it don't take all that to be a Christian man"

And its hard when you tryin to reach your family and stuff

They say man, "you too spiritual, you doing to much"

So we show them the love of Christ and live in the light

So they can glorify our God when they look at our life

And we win for sharing the truth and hearts get changed

We win if we're rejected because of his name

We win if seeds get planted and watered and grow

But even if we lost, we still be Fanatical though


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