LECRAE - Fall Back

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I know you might a seen on the TV

You hear on the radio and CD(fall back)

But you can be deceived pretty easy

Believe me... you might wanna (fall back)

Lies in them songs lies on television

No telling what lies on the television

Learned sacrasm, sexism, racism

Learned to worship money cars

Learned to hate Christians

All the Christians in the movies so typical

Alcoholic, child molesting, hypocritice and mystical

They say since everyone is doing it it's normal

But Jesus says be transformed and don't let them conform you

You ain't thin enough you need diet

You need a psychic everybody does it you should try it

Spring break hit the beach what you sposed to do?

Be careful what you let the media impose on you

You learned how to find peace from TV shows

You learned how to ride clean from them videos In 30 seconds a commercial have you mixed up

(call now and we can have your whole life fixed up)

These days if you watch the, box you should block your

Mind in these times, and them lies that could lock you

They telling girls in our world to be hot stuff

And telling dudes link with crews on the block tough

Plus I'm feeling like they mock us

They think that God is old school like a box cut

But I'm sure that His flock's tough

And we can judge what is bug, and live pleasing in His sight when the clock's up

I hope we gazing through His lens with eyes

So we can defend what it is when we get they lies

It's on that cash that they fix they mind

Man they always sayin cheese like it's picture time (be easy)

Tell em cool it with the mind games

I'm chasing Christ, I'm renewed in my mind frame

And removed from them tired games

Then say my life it ain't mine man

We must remove the damaged parts like a tire change

Be rebel let the word of God lead you

Satan uses media to tempt you and deceive you

He will lead ya leach ya leave ya

So be careful as you navigate thru media

Take heed fo gravity get the best of you

And you find the concrete bench pressin you

Use the word of God to help filter all that

Before you fall into the trap you better fall back

You know what I call that? I call that maturity

Learnin how to fall back so you can live in purity

Learnin how to walk that and saying them you ain't luring me

The media is meeting us with lies but He's curing me (be easy)

I know them guys trying to hype you

But cling to the Lord's Word, flee from them vipers

We spitting aiming at your heart like snipers

We'd like fa you to desire God like Piper

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