LECRAE - Confe$$ions

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Verse 1:

I know some people with mo money than well ever see

Ever see someone buy a private island they never see?

Ever see every sea on yo own personal yacht?

Take jog around yo block that you bought from selling your stock?


In this lifetime, some of them my potnas

They don't believe in karma, but they believe in commas

And they believe they dollas for a peace o mind

Put a price upon they head and they'd be fine with that fine

Cause you find when you can buy the park, you can hate the rides

They was fun in the beginning, now it seems they not as thrillin

And you out make a killin, but it never feels fulfillin

So, they call me tell me Crae, this how Im feelin.


Confessions of a millionaire, lifestyles of the famous

Theres nothing I cant I have, you say it looks so amazing

Well, I would trade it all away for my sanity

Verse 2:

Look, I ain't finna pretend that car and my crib

Give me worth and meaning cuz I know they never did

Them numbers in my bank account are no reason for livin

And sleepin with bad women really doesn't keep me driven

I'm sure this man sittin beside me is beside himself

Tryna find himself

Yeah, he flyin first class thinkin everyone behind him is a peon

Goin home to a model chick he prolly gon cheat on

Hell be empty for eons; you know what I be on

Money dont solve it all, man, look what happen to Dion

I bought my dream house, but only made me wake up

It all falls down even if you got ya cake up

[Hook]Verse 3:

I've flown first class, flown private jets

Rode in the foreign cars; still so unimpressed

Cause after she spent all that money on her chest

She thought it make her life better, but she finds she still depressed

Ain't nothing wrong with havin it. Matter fact, go and get it

But if you find identity in it then go n forget it

You gain the whole world but lost the only thing ya own

Cause everything else is just a temporary loan

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