LECRAE - Cold World

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Cold World / Lecrae[Intro/Chorus 4X: Tasha Catour]We live in a cold, cold world[Lecrae]These folks is killing for less money than they can borrowCreate and you will sorrow for families left feeling hollowThen the son of a gun victim fleshing out his angerColoring cartoons of strangers who getting strangledAnd the daughter let a stranger, the school call him a counselorDo some dirty things, but he promise that he would counsel herBaby momma can't identify the man that killed himIt's the same low down dealer that she always get her pills fromAnd the son is getting older, streets is making him colderBut his momma's out cold, cause she ain't never quite soberHis sister's 15, but you probably think that she grown upCause she was with some men, acting way too grown upAnd don't nobody care though, the schools ain't teachingMcDonalds selling poison, got people working for cheap anThe military, drug's, or prison only way to eat, manIt's cold in the streets, let the track bring the heat in[Chorus][Lecrae]This world's cold like no clothes and snow blownLike when the devil take the breath out of a baby's noseAnd the people won't hear more metaphors and word-playMy sister's sick of stripping, she need hope up in my words, manShe pull up to the mall where she valet her little MercedesWishing she had some romance, healthy family, couple babiesAnd the gentleman she love, he already got a wifeSo she's accepting her plight, she's a lady of the nightAnd she saw 'em in the park with his daughter, they holding handsArm around his woman's shoulder, he ain't give her not a glanceShe accepts her sad reality, she doesn't stand a chanceOne woman gets the man, the other woman gets the danceIt's a cold world, real cold worldJermaine called that thing, man where is we going turnA lot of people thinking I'm on an hopeless endeavor, nahI know someone who can change the weather forever, ever[Chorus]

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