LECRAE - Buttons

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Buttons / Lecrae[Lecrae]For better or for worseMake it workI ain't goin nowhereYeah, I messed up, but you hurt me, Blew it like it's yo' birthdayAnd you love it baby on Wednesday, but I make you sick on ThursdayAnd I know I'm wrong and you shutin down, and I touch down like "What now?"Why we going through all this? Why things gotta be rough now?But, you had so many break-ups, you can't believeYou go and break my heart that I forgive and I ain't leaveDon't define you by your faults, ain't gon push your buttons eitherEveryday we startin fresh, this is how it's s'posed to beNever try to take advantage, you respect me as a manBut every once 'a while you get to poppin off and say stuff you shouldn't be sayinBut I'm witchu, I ain't playin, if it's thick or if it's thinBoth the times and your figure, girl, this is who I amI love you baby, that's real talk, and this life we live is a real walkI ain't goin nowhere, tell your girlfriends that it's still onI love you baby, that's real talk, this life we live is a real walkI ain't goin nowhere, tell your friends that it's on[Chorus]For better or for worseSometimes I make you sick, and you get on my nervesMake it workI ain't goin nowhere, and I give you my wordI will be right hereSo though push my buttonsI ain't leavinYou can keep on pushinI ain't leavin[Lecrae]I be makin you mad, girlBut you said you'll never leave me lonelySo I had to put a ring up on it, 'cause our commitment ain't no gameYeah we laugh, but we ain't playin, I'ma always be yo' maneAnd I know sometimes I upset you, be pushin all o' you buttonsWe be fussin, fighting over nothin, you can try to leave, but I'm cominWe gon work it out with no runnin, pushin ,shovinI know sometimes that I'm selfish, but I jump in front of yo' bulletCause you everything that prayed fo', plus a little bit extraEven when you getchu an attitude and you act a little bit extraListen, you make better, babe, you make better, babeYou got my heart and you can have it for forever, babyAnd though we'll never break up, I hate it when we madBut love it when we get to make up, no lines that I could make upTo let you know how much I got you covered, girlAnd I only be pushin yo' buttons because I love you, girl

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