LECRAE - Anger Management

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I am angry

And I don’t really care what they say

I really don’t care what they say

I am angry

Nobody better get in my way

Nobody better get in my way

I am angry

I’m fighting I’m bossy I’ll pop

I’m caught up in a rage somebody better stop me

I am angry

I’m hating I’m pushing I’m shouting

Somebody better get me cause I am about to do something

I am angry

Been up all night got me feeling weak

No sleep on a first day of a long week

I guess is still a school

People testing me but disrespecting me

I will respond aggressively

..I’m gonna get these boys blue

Hard livin got me feeling very selfish

crab in a bucket trying to crush me some shellfish

Forget a chip up on my shoulders I carry boulders

I don’t know how to control them when they get to rollin

And people pop of at the mouth I try to get the cool but

All I’m gonna do is fix them trouble shooters

yeah they say im wrong hit the scary zone the faith i claim to have I probably never own

Empty waitin room running with no patience

This is anger management hit me another …


I am angry every mornin'

'fore I get up off the bed

These dogs keep on barkin

I’m gonna bust them in their head

Uncle keep on tripping if he wants it he’s gonna get it too

Anybody saying another word I’m gonna act a fool

I hit the door push my feet through the side

heart full of pride anger in my eyes

Been this was sense the day I’ve seen my homey die

I’m mad with the world and I hate that im alive

Really hate to say cause it’s killing me inside

I wanna see loved and its eatin' me alive

don't nobody love me my mom and daddy gone

Uncle ain’t my uncle cause I am livin' in a foster home

I say I am saved but I am scared of the truth

Cause of Revelations five and I didn’t see the fruit

I don’t know what else to do

I don’t know what else to say

So I hit my knees and pray

GOD take this pain away


would die my respect

But I got humility

And Jesus pay my debt

While I reject willingly

and man I got some nerve

holding anger in my heart

Father could have come serve


not to mention torture Jesus took onmy misfortune

I’ve been freed from the law but I am serving these court orders

.. forgivness is my pedigree say you’re sorry better be

Better be mad at you then try to be a better me

aye nothing in my work can try to demonstrate his worth

though he should me plenty grace I only say the other person?

heard that anger led to murder

when you pull up on the murder scene see jesus nailed up on that cross yeah the murderer was me

(talks/ mini sermon)


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