Larc-en-ciel - Time Goes On (english) lyrics

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Can you hear that noise yet?

Now, as it is, I want to stop time

Wrapped up in those soft days, everything is so radiant

Even though I should've known from the start

Only those incoherent words resound, in vain

Yet as I still sleep, I want to keep dreaming this dream

The withered leaves dancing in the wind, pile up within my heart

You never disappear, but I won't hold you back

From now on, from this place, everything is going to change

Surely, that one light is overflowing still, up ahead on the path you choose

If it's for you, I can keep walking as I play the clown

Just don't take away that smile

Even though I should've known from the start

Because my disorientation closed off the season

It is I who was dreaming

Everything is like a white foam, floating away into the air

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