Larc-en-ciel - Sayounara (Translation) lyrics

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An entire era quietly moves to a small sky

flapping its spread off wings

In this morning

Along with the wind

Separation has been brought

Maybe we just pretended not to realize

Wasn't it?

We did amused ourselves but

Even in times like this I would find you staring out of nowhere

Don't bother in showing me your smile once more

Today is so quiet, isn't it?

I want to go back to that time again but...

We will meet again... thank you

Until then... farewell

The flower petals falling over are the ones smiling

Give me the last ornamental kiss!

These silent tears,

They seem to end up overflowing

That's why

I beg of you

Don't exert to show me your smiling face once more

Hold your face up high

When a new season comes

We will meet again... thank you

I love you... farewell

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