Larc-en-ciel - Ophelia (english) lyrics

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You sparkle, wrapped in your lovely dress

The intoxicating scent of cassis in the air

My dearest Ophelia – what’s the reason for your silence?

Your lips as cold as ice

My dearest Ophelia – will you speak to me no more?

You swim in a glass filled with memories

The sadness beneath your mennerisms is like a knife to my heart

My dearest Ophelia – there are things I never told you

Falling into the dream 

My dearest Ophelia – can you trust in me no more?

Endless kiss to that smooth skin

If you'll permit me, I wish to devote all my love to you

How many loves, how many punishments does it take to reach you?

Answer me, OK ophelia

Smile, tell me that you jest and hold me like you did that day

I pray that your eyes open once more I wander far

Endless kiss to that smooth skin

Floating into the night your just too far away I search in vain

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Thanks to Sondra

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