Larc-en-ciel - Finale (Translation) lyrics

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Faint transitory sign of beauty

Without destroying it

I quietly held it close

In the moon's hiding place

Searching taking in the pain of fate

The worry draw wear unnoticed stands in the way driven to the wall

Touched by the entrance of sadness


In the sunlight heading towards the end

Way too glaring, tomorrow can't be seen

The you that looked back, beyond time

Is gazing just like an innocent girl

In these arms awakening

Your sadness is nothing but so sad

Before the point of maddening, I yearn for you

Always be by my side, so I'll never be separated from you


Coloured by the sin raining down incessantly

In the dried path keep on wandering

This love is touched by no one

I fear that it is a turning against God

The you in the mirror, with that upside down smile

The breaking thread of dreamns spun together is cut


Eternally sinking in that prayer

Not even one answer, the water surface is swaying

The crumbling nyou isn't saved

In order to dandle you, you were put to sleep at that time

Repeat CHORUS 1

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