Lamb Of God

Lamb Of God - Still Echoes lyrics

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1000 heads cut clean across their necks

Right down the hall from me.

The Reich's relentless blade

Thirsty & shinin' red

Still echoes of their screams


This is a tarnished heirloom

Passed down through iron fists

A shameful house of doom

A legacy of collapse built on a painful truth


1000 years of failure

1000 years they bled

To the bear, the blitzkrieg & the Holy Father

They just bowed their heads

(Verse 2)

They meekly did their time

Countin' the days while harnessed to their rusty shackles

Foreva occupied

Folded the crimson star

The rabbits turned to jackals




Soviet hangova, Eastern Bloc

And dirty money still flows through locks

A killin' ground of rebels, black marketeers

Restrained but there's no resistance here

Southeast Asia in a Euro cellblock

Saigon's children conceal what they've got

The Opium Trail runs west through here

They're sellin' disease to erase all your fears


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