Lamb Of God

Lamb Of God - Embers lyrics

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Ft. Chino Moreno


Gather the mountains and lay up in the sun

It's harder to capture the eye

No-one could notice that for everyone

Holding our souls through these parts

Careful each soul, like a band of

Embers frozen in time

Carry the load, without knowing it was only the gold to survive


Only embers remain refusing the flame

There's no light to find the way

Only embers remain, black turn into gray

There's no light to find the way

Only embers remain

(Verse 2)

Staring against what we once knew

Inhales, it was never alone

Burning against my life, the one percent

They haven't evolved into all

Holding my breath and close my eyes

The second I could see you again

Motion is like a tyrant, breath with emotion again


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