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If you were meant to be together

Then you would know that it's right

After all this time, you'd be by his side

And if it were meant to be forever

You'd still be living in that dream

So it seems

So for all the times you cried

And the many times he lied

I'll tell you 'cause I know

You can make it on your own

So your heart belongs to you now

And you know that it's right

Free from that make believe love story

In your mind (in your mind, in your mind)

Feel so much better, leaving yesterday behind

But always remember, hold on to life

So for all of your regrets

That your poor heart won't let you forget

I can tell you 'cause I know

You can make it on your own

You'll be wiser in the morning

So much stronger when the sun rises

So don't find your fear alarming

Your pain will disappear like nightfall

Will then rain comes, the pain goes

Wash it away

The remains of a battered soul

Trouble won't' last always

Believe me there'll be brighter days

So for all the time you cried (every single tears)

Every single time you tried

I know cause I know cause I know

You can make it on your own

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