L.A. - Shut You Down lyrics

rate me

A fortune teller told me, the only way I'm gonna make it

When I let them taste my sacred,

Then, the whole me, said that they gonna fold me

I'm all force, when I ... that's a reason for a world tour

Man I wanna see sea shells by the sea shore

But it sucks cause I gotta bust shell so they don't see a whore

Such a ... rated to the core, trying to lead to the kick

Gil ... on the system, ... make them shit cause I have to

Yeah so ... pop a ... catch them before they catch you

Success is at an altitude, I have the longitude and latitude

Never ...as they pushed me to the plank but

Saint Michael's coming... for these demons I will wait

See I have faith in my faith

As I watch all these snakes but I change ...

Through this live eternally

And mortality can never be a ...

Cause I put my soul in it, the spiritual that medicine

I'm just a constancy, constantly ...this bitch

Every time I spit I tend to loose conscientiousness

An exorcist can only take out my demolishment

As I abolish it... 360 necks turn as I worship

Maybe I don't have bars, maybe every line I spit is just...

This called the milky way, as I find my way

Yeah they drowning by the wave but, it's ok

I call it duty to the ... we lay low

Waiting for that moment when I transform my spit to...

Switching weaponry with flows

I re accepted these rows, to be on game...

As the industry loads the lane, yeah

... put your sister soldier to the game play

Y'all already seen my change

Ugly ... to the black swamp of fiend

Ugly ... to the black swamp of fiend.

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