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L Word Season 2 movie - I Never

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Song by Rilo Kiley<br /><br>

I'm only a woman<br>

of flesh and bone<br>

and i wept much<br>

we all do. <br>

i thought i might die alone<br>

but i had never (x11) met you<br>

so baby be good to me. <br>


i got nothin to give you, you see<br>

except everything, everything, everything, everything.<br>

all the good and the bad. <br>

cause i've been bad. <br>

i've lied, cheated, stolen, <br>

and been ungrateful for what i have <br>

and i'm afraid habits rule my wake in life <br>

and i'm scared<br>

and i'm runnin <br>

in my sleep for you. <br>

but all the oceans, and rivers and showers <br>

will wash it all away and make me clean for you. <br>

cause i have never (x15) met you.<br>


so lets take a loan and put it down <br>

on a house in a place we've never lived<br>

in a place that exists <br>

in the pages of scripts and in songs that they sing<br>

and all the beautiful things <br>

that can make you weep but don't have to make you weak<br>

cause i never (x27) love somebody <br>

the way that i loved you.<br>


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