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L Word Season 2 movie - Brother

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Song by The Organ<br /><br>

Here we go<br>

They're back again<br>

Look alive, warn your friends<br>

We are warm and we are safe<br>

Enjoy it while you can<br>

Before things change<br>


We have got to take cover<br>


We have got to take cover<br>



Lie down in a field if you can<br>

Look at the night sky<br>

Oh, where does it end<br>

Sometimes it hurts when you<br>

Care about me<br>

But it's going to hurt more when<br>

They take you away from me<br>

We have go to take cover, brother<br>

We have got to take cover, brother<br>


Here we go again<br>

Oh midnight knocks<br>

Oh explosions<br>

Maybe it's all made up in our heads<br>

This happens to me when i'm bored<br>

Or depressed<br>


Here is the best part of the song<br>

Where I admit that i might be wrong<br>

Because if they are good and if they are right<br>

Then they'll have their rapture one<br>

Of these nights<br>

But if they are wrong<br>


[Thanks to Lusy Urda for lyrics]<br>


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