L-Win - Words Of Wisdom (Produced By Ear 2 The Beat)

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(Verse 1)

A mead notebook and a laptop/

We the stars cdr's like crack-rock/

See beyond the Republicans and Democrats/

As the chair ask the clerk where the minute at/

I vision death, asking God to forgive this debt/

I hit refresh every sec never miss a step/

I intercept all they codes and they strategies/

As I pay dues cause the road's a formality/

Reality sets in, you begin to see/

The man that you become and the man that you could be/

But I am not present, that's to say the least/

So the man in the mirror's like a mannequin to me/

I go hammer with no heat, throwback like a banana seats/

To make it to the top, a promise I plan to keep/

Lets get back to the topic/

Had a dope plug but I never went to cop it cause it's prophets over profits/

And I will never stop it/

Through me in the game with stock but no options/

And I will never quit/

Play the hand dealt, promise to never flip/

(Verse 2)

A bad ass chick and a nice car/

Money, women, it's what we live our life for/

Mine's a little different, put the money after wisdom/

Keep the women, plus some music I could bump up in my system/

That's cool with me, let's ride, in life/

Never worry where we going just strive aight?/

As I adjust my seat and my headrest/

I hope you little dudes get the message/

Your best bets to play it cool, calm and collective/

I guess you little dudes got a death wish/

In peace but I'm stressing, life's so dramatic/

Couldn't relay these thoughts with close caption/

Hard to express how I'm feeling/

But I'm scarred through the flesh and my mind's on a million/

You took school off just to grind by your building/

We took the roof off just to shine through the ceiling/

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