L-Dub - You Wish You Were Me

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i go by the name of L-dub

AKA MISTER ..AKA mister ..

AKA mister bla bla

oh raping down the texts by the way

dollars north dollars

south dollars, east dollars, west dollars

i know i've been sleeping lately but it's all good

it's time to eat

i'll show your boyfriend ..

fresh dollar on the table

let's go

when i think about the things that i've been through in my life

so i put it on the table and got a move ..before nigga ..

who would block it back and a .. my strike

presidential with that everyone can slept nigga

the .. of rolly instead of fight

no time for .. fast ..cuff me

let this thing

so i keep it exact the words that you used to ..just made a fact

i'll be runnin in the lime

mix a federal crime ..when i top a dime

you wanna stand gotta get it, gotta get it

when i step into a building baby .. a nigga

cause a swag . i'm hit you with the ..

when i spit it .. slow 'cause .. Dolce and Gbana

what a fairy when it comes steady

just give it the trill

then i let it go

old time is spittin on this beats

and if you feel ..


ain't nobody f*cking with me

if you want em come and get me

all my cash will never empty

you wish you were me

all this bitches wanna follow

i don't .. come to swallow

don't .. i f*ck with models

you wish you were me

money on my always making

that's a bitch you gotta chase it

and these niggas gonna hate it

you wish you were me

yes i'm rippin dollars ..

see your face upon my neck

it's my whole life has been reflect

and you wish you were me

if it's competition fuck em all

..movin the swall if a nigga try to ..

i don't first but get dressed i'll be spitting

universe is all i bleed

when i buck em in my ..

when i start movin .. in the crowd

give me money

le'ts have a bro

so f*ck em all

a nigga just hush

but to me i can't be touched

you ..we movin slow

and follow in the .. they'll be killin

and another nigga who can hold me



y'all dope nigga

f*ck ..i told you i was coming so what

..thanks on the mike

studio on the ..

shti .. table ..

shotu out to my nigga nowhere

shti i aint' got to say

move for this .. shout to this ..bro

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