L Burna

L Burna - Everyday

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Yoouu know how we do it(bone bone bone thugs)It's all

about the music It's all about the music.


Everyday, it seems its getting shorter as the world

turns round and round these last days so crazy.


They me that Krayzie what is the reason for all of

this brutality they killing these niggas in cold blood

bone thugs when the part of the reallity all of the

insanity aint no humanity what ever happen to family

lost mine way back in the game back when the crack

came it aint do nothing til the days seem like it never

gonna get better wonder if forever can you live with

these days of our lives they keep on gettin' shorter

everytime then i realize that it won't be to long before

we wake and the world is gone and it wont be no world

war it'll be armeggedon for sure



Everywhere we look it's so much violence and i don't

make it no better i'm quick to riot and you aint gotta

lose its all about the roads that you choose but what

is there to do when you brought up in the stuntin'

life oooh and i can feel your pain young thug stay

focus cause we can get this money young thug even though

the ending days are comin' ypu can get it right right

now do something for someboby just hold on for me i

promise its a better place for all us T.

H.U.G.s if he dont believe then dont call yourself

a thug cause thugs believe who dont believe



Sometimes i sit back and think why me and how did i

become a victim if the struggle everyday trying to

piece this puzzle and every second i'm out on that

hustle i sit and i cussin hoping reallity pass me by

right on by and i'm not gonna sit and lie all of my

life is very fine like test of wheel alot of determination

and stills aint a damn thing never come easy not when

a nigga gotta pay these bills to scrape these mills

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