L-Burna (Layzie Bone)

L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Battlefield

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[Verse 1] I suggest you cut the game niggas And all that flossin'll get you killed in the field Thats why I'll be bringin the pain niggas This heres a battle kit and alot will get you caught up in some drama Better what out what you say I know some niggas that'll do your mama I'ma hittin it from behind till the day I expire Heatin it up and bringin the fire you can see it in my eyes Thuggish ruggish out of the door From the Bone Thug to the Mo Drug dealers in front of the store And all of my niggas in the graveyard Stay hard R.I.P. For all my niggas that run the street I'll be smashing beats and representing y'all And I'ma ball till I fall to the north call Ain't takin no shorts or losses general nigga platinum ball I came with rollas of bowlas when I hit the scene Nothin but warriors on my on a mission for everthing bling bling Gettin snatched lay down in a wrath Nigga meat you in the streets lay yo ass on yo back Plat nigga dig that Lil skinny nigga bout it Think you can fuck wit me I doubt it Hit you up wit heated flames [Chorus] On my moma I'm a bring you drama if you pick before dishonor in the battlefield Nigga we'll put them flames on ya (Repeat 3x) [Verse 2] Nigga fuck what you doin, nigga I'ma bout to ruin Nigga the image and the style that your used to I'm chin takin these motherfuckers poppin it off at the lip Been talkin that shit since 96 disrespectin my clique But I'm like pac motherfucker I'm a bomb first And like I do you in the first bitch I'ma put you in the hearst I'm lettin the whole world know it If you want me come get me We got the AK and the SK And I buck it till its empty Lock N load it cock it and expload it Throwing your grid thats how I feel Keep it real or I'll have to kill Fuck them Do or Die niggas Yall bitch ass niggas can't do shit to me Put your fist up and the swords fake ass niggas aint had no victory When I see niggas retreated When you see me I'm heated Hows you fuckin ready to release it Keep it them niggas defeated Bower down motherfuckers better leave it alone I'm bringin the thug world order nigga the war been on bitch [Chorus] [Verse 3] If you got beef with B.O.N.E Then holla at me lil Layzie, the bad boy of bone And I'll be thuggin till I'm dead and gone The nigga been in the zone Livin eternal through my song right or wrong Whatever the case my niggas call me I'll be runnin Niggas always into something If is robbin nigga I'm down for retalation is a must And cause I truck to bust my ammo Leave a motherfucker dismantled Come throw like ramble Nigga you capsule So many of us all miss you So in the war we searchin for victory Click to heat its bloody meat Tryin to eat out here in the city streets it's a hustle I never let these niggas knock me off my mission where's your muscle Bust yo ass shut the fuck up and listen Nigga the problem every nigga got their know Gotta make their business Tryin to be a Menace like Dennis, we'll stop y'all Fuckin wit a top dog I mock y'all Off your feet got your bitch like a food stamp Aint graduate from boot camp Fell off into salute champs Well strategize and open up yo eyes And recognize the drama I promise to see demolish And any nigga that just ain't follish And when god is the war ain't no women army Mo Thug family Bone Thugs N Harmony Chorus

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