KRAZY - When I Make It Home

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(feat. Dolliollie (Ghetto Commission))

[Krazy talking]

Damn I hope she be on time

She usually um, she never be late at the airport

You know

My plane come in for eight

[Hook and chorus at the same time]

[Hook: Krazy]

Are we fuckin when I make it home

Please tell me I can't wait to get you alone

Baby are we fuckin when I make it home

Please tell me I can't wait to get you alone


[Chorus: Dollillie *repeat*]

Will I'll be fuckin when I make it home

[Verse One]

I'm on the tour every night sweety

Missin you, in the mornin

When I wake up the lil things you do

Erotic sex under the moon light, I can taste it

Rubbin earl on your tighs, sshh I almost waste it

Heaven must of put you in this world for me

I'm a thug so I know you gonna be good to me

Henessy in your wine glass, candle light

Come up out them clothes girl you gettin fucked tonight

Or you prefered to call it makin love, I guess it's cool

Your nipples pressed against my chest, I'm startin to drool

In your neck and back I can feel you shake

Fantasy of you sexin me on top of a lake

[Hook: Krazy & Chorus:Dolliollie]

[Verse Two]

Don't even worry about the other women, on tour

I swear to God you the only one, that I adore

Ingauged in your love potion, Remenission, toung kissin

But still I feel like somin missin

The way that you touch me ain't the same no more

The way that you fucked me ain't the same fo sho

Is it because I'm away that we fallin apart

I'll give up all this rap shit just to have your heart

Without you girl in my life its like I'm parallized

I can see through your sole when I look in your eyes

Two months on the road is hard, being alone

But you gonna make it all good when I come home

[Hook: Krazy]

[Chorus: Dolliollie]

[Dolliollie singing]

I'm comming home

I'm so far away

I'll be home

Ohh with you today

Today, today, today

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