KRAZY - What Y'all Want

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(feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Krazy x2]

What's ya'll bitches want

I'm selling shit about my troop

What's ya'll niggas need ?????

[Krazy (Snoop)]

Asked that hoe if she fucked any one

If you aint came in the club to drink, get the fuck

Me and Snoop pop the mo

At the bar till the muthafuckin bitch close

Lookin for a hoe with some nice toes

She said her name was Candi and she like to suck

Let's head out side to my navy tuck

Once we made it outside she started to freak

The head ??? made my legs week

I never had head that good befor

Told her stay in the club I might want some more

Headed back to the club where I seen my homie

(You ain't let me fuck the bitch nigga you phoney)

[Hook x2: Krazy]

[Snoop Dogg]

See when your tiered and your fallin asleep

That's when were crepin out the jeep

With the plastic toys, 15 of the boys

On a mission to kill a distroy

Watch you mouth boy

and tell you homie I said eat a dick

Cuz we them niggas you don't wanna fuck with

man these niggas wasnt playin I jump my ass back in the poop

and tried to swoop back to my hood again

I made it back to the hood

Got my hand on my hand on my heat

and now I'm in the driver seat

Beep beep took the horn at the home boy ??? (what up nigga)

forty theves my niggas from the CPT

[Hook x2: Krazy]


Stop let me tell you how I fuck these bitches

Stop let me tell you how she sucked my dick

Nothing but the weed nothing but the tress

I got what you need

Nigga no seeds

[Hook x2: Krazy]

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