KRAZY - Thugged Out

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(feat. Soulja Slim)

What's up baby

No Limits finest

Iberville baby

I'm thugged

Throw up your henessy bottle

Fuck with breath with me

We thugged out

[Verse One: Krazy]

??? tank when I ride, Ibervill

Represent my breeders, till the day I'm killed

Pass that weed, let me take a puff

In the project, slangin' out my cut

I got that work, If you need a hit

I got them ounces, if you need a fit

In the club can I freak

Thuggin up in public

You know she had to speak

Hey seaxy, I'm headed down town

Then she grabed the ball

and started tearing it down

I don't know whut cha been told

Down town soldiers leave your coochy swole

[Hook: Krazy]

I be thugged out, everytime you see me

I be thugged out, in the projects

I be thugged out, with my tank gold

I be thugged out, when I'm down town

I be thugged out, when I'm up town

I be thugged out, when sippin henessy

I be thugged out, when I'm in the club

I be thugged out

You know what eles I did

[Verse Two: Krazy]

See I thug with my figgas

Representin' hard heads

Me and my breather like to ball till we fall dead

Thugged out with Soulja Slim

Magnolia's kingpin

Fresh up out the pin

Homie bout to do this thang again

See there ain't no stopping me

The tank is on the raise again

Get up out my way I'll be bustin' with my mack 10

Let me in yo' door playa when I come messed up

If you trust your family you best give yo stash up

Ain't know body stopping me

You know I got that chopper cocked

Breather from New Orleans still thuggin like Pac

Down town killah, load that kay

I'll be thugged out, Doc Holliday

[Hook: Krazy]

[Verse Three: Soulja Slim]

You know dogg be crepin, seekin, tweakin tryin to get this mill ticket

I will kick it when I'm able right know I'm busy

Soulja ???? Magnolia

Up towns ready for war so keep them thangs loaded up

Hold up whodi I only run with the real

The soulja the thugs gangsta type get it how they live

Mama tell me to chill but I can't help it ma' I'm thuggin

Bently bubble your jeans up mama I'm thuggin

?????????? mean muggin I'm buggin for the stickin

Me and Krazy thugged

Throwin away yall do ya'll feel me

[Hook: Krazy]

[repeat 2X: Krazy]

Shake it just wobble wobble

Baby your thugged out

Shake it just wobble wobble

Now seaxy you thugged out


Wount you grab the wall for me baby

Show me you're thugged out

I can see it in your eyes

I know you thugged out

If you thugged out

I know you wanna thug like me

Breather Life baby

I am what I am a soulja

Ain't know stopping me

You gotta love me or hate me baby

E-Zell Swang baby

We going platinum this time

They can't stop us

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