KRAZY - My Dog

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(feat. Lyric)

[Krazy talking]

I Reveal's finest, No Limit, breather life, baby

Me and my nigga we gone ride or die

Fuck the cops fuck the jury nigga what

[Chorus x2]

You my dog nigga, we gone ride till we die

Me and you daily getting high yeah

You my dog nigga, we gone bust till we die

Retaliation ain't no need to cry


I snort coke with my dogs, your light is my light

If your brother test you nigga I'ma give you my nine

Raised by the streets me and the best beginners

Trying to go in the weed half but they wouldn't admit us

Came out the womb a fiend so they named me crack

Your nickname was heroine so you got my back

I trust you niggas, anytime you save my life

If I die you the one I want to fuck my wife

My first child was a set, and you gave me my props

My first murder was a fiend and you gave me the glock

Because of you nigga, the reason I never got smoked

You gone still be my dog rather be rich or broke, now

[Chorus x2]


My niggas tote choppers smoking blunts so on the hunt for poppers

Told them sock-em bopper throw a middle finger to coppers

Talkers in your shit, poor clicks, when I walk through the door

With the mo lit, pour us diamonds got flat time got josted

My niggas, posted on sets with techs placing bets

Driving a V ghetto vets like Glenn Messed

Best of the best, sets of the stress, vests to the chests

With a ks, hustling like it was a ate fest

My niggas say yes to trees, ki's, v's tiling on p's

Freaks sucking these flicking at all the g's

Squeeze lemons in the field when shit'd get too real

On hot wheels making deals bumping hills to the I Reveal with real niggas

[Chorus x2]


My name is like death to some of these cowards, they fear me

They can't pay the average dopefiend, to get near me

Respect it or die, my real killers born to ride

Fuck your hood up tank dog nigga it's suicide

Feel no remorse for you cowards when I bust your head

It's just another casualty when you wind up dead

Heaven or hell, my life is pro long I feel it

If you beefing with my dogs then you best to kill it

The realest, motherfucker that ever touched the world

All my good once we living until my baby girl

So it's evil bitch niggas when you facing me

It's No Limit until I die there's no replacing me, now

[Chorus x2]

[Krazy talking]

Young niggas on the rise, untouchable nigga

I told you niggas when me and my niggas gone do shit

We do this shit real nigga, we masked up

If I come in that motherfucker with my face showing

You know what time it is nigga

Just be ready to pick out your casket, it's murder nigga

Me and my real niggas, the game is drastic, feel that

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