KRAZY - In The Club

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(feat. oulja Slim)

[Hook x2: Krazy]

I'm looking for some bad bitches in the club

Niggas put your rags up I know you a thug

See my real niggas ????

and my real ghetto bitches like to grab the ball


Believe what's on my mind sexay

So let me hit

See this tank on my neck

Bitch I'm down for this soulja shit

Doc holla ???

The name you bitches jock

Used to call me Krazy in the field when I was slanging rocks

I creep on your block

messed up fifty shots

On my ??? I'll tear that ass up

My breathers bust some heads for me

Niggas scared they put them to the feds for me

Every night i hit my knees and pray

Dear Jesus don't let me die with out my ???

Drinkin Henesse till I pass out in the club

I'm looking for a bad bitchto show me love

[Hook x2: Krazy]


Aint nothing but the soulja in me

That make these hoes drop down to they knees

All I need is a strip tease


It's all love

Snatch ????? meet me at the club

Where the bitches at I want to see them bounce that thang


I can't even pronounce that name

Love or lust she in the mood for tryin thangs

Me myself I'm in the mood for buying thangs

One bad bitch to go nigga could you please

Big ass big titties and no disease

Bitch please I'm lookin for some, head shot

Use your mouth as a ??? bitch

Go find a spot

[Hook x2: Krazy]

[Soulja Slim]

Fuckin around with my ????

And they all got heaters

So let us get throught in the VIP

I don't get a fuck who ho you be

I said get chill you heard me

Serve me you see this tank around my neck

???? be itself, carrying respect

Check the niggas cuz he was watching me

My bad cought his bullits for trying to stop me

I'm a Magnolia nigga

I'm a soulja for real

Catch the lac three in the morning


I'm gonna ball and chill

Fuck hoes and chill

What eles could you espect from a nigga keepin it real

[Hook x3: Krazy]

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