KRAZY - I Still

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(feat. C-Murder)

[C & Krazy talking]

Check this out playa(baby)

Real No Limt ya heard me

Krazy tell these boyz how we do are thang

ya heard me (I got you C) huh

[Hook x2: Krazy & (C-Murder)]

I still slang keys

Break them down, two O-Z's

If you shorty choppers sqeezes

(Throw up your set we chillin in the projects) now

[Verse One: Krazy]

I got a fire ass connect jumpin off outta state

Don't say my name on the cell incase the feds investage

Four niggas we started from an ounce a pieace

Now ifs 40 verse a week at sixteen a sheet

No killin only witness nesassary

I got to much to lose on the niggas I carry

Got the hook up with ??? now lets talk a deal

On sell 12-5 now this shit for real

Even thou I broke away from my slick we still tight

They still depend on me when the price is right

Fucking with that china white nigga that's fo sho

If its after 12 bitch don't even knock on my door, now

[Hook x2: Krazy & C-Murder]

[Verse Two: C-Murder]

I don't bling bling my nigga, I bang bang

Me and my nigga Krazy we thugged out in the same gang

We wear the same chain, with No Limit on that thangs

and represent our hood (Calliope) cuz that's where we hang

C-P-3 I Reavel the breeders

Ain't trippin if I go to jail for a mistormender

TRU blood from the head to flo', from the jet to the ball

My real niggas know

Killos I slung that, ghettos I run that

??? I done been there my naugga and done that

You knockle head muthafuckas make me sick

Oh yea and stay off my niggas Krazy dick cuz

[Hook x2: Krazy & C-Murder]

[Verse Three: Krazy]

Now to make shit worse, ??? got popped

Them 30 birds a week nigga all that stops

Homie we searched for my dogg killa down to three months

A project nigga I was trained to hunt

You know that nigga with the gold teeth homie in the drape

That bitch was a fed now my ????

Find me guilty now I gotta derve ten years

but i got 30 befor I have to appeal, in fear

Cuz you know I can't do the time

When I touch down nigga I'll in my prime

I can find my homies kill and it's on my head

Fuckin every click we beef with it's about to be dead now

[skit at the end]

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