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(feat. Erica Fox)


2:30 am in the club bizzy drunk me and Slim

I see this bad bitch peepin' out the tape tryin to get rich

What's your name and your number

Jumped in the hummer fucked for the summer

She caught everything when I came

Hold up ma what's your name

Real players don't pay for hoes

After shows behind the doors

Ain't nothing but the soulja right

If you got your mind right we can fuck tonight

Matter fact I ain't with you broke

Lookin for Slay to get somin to smoke

Where the weed at, nigga what's happin

Where the freaks nigga what's happin

[Chorus x2: (Erica Fox) & Krazy]

I got what you want (I got what you want)

I got what you need (what you need)

Let you run the streets let you breath

I know your comming back to be with me (come on)


Backstage V.I.P.

Glass tip over hennessy

I'm on the cell phone talkin to Zell

Bitch walked up said her name was Michaell

Told Zell I'm a hit you back

Turned around seaxy let me give you a smack

She had a staight booty out my dreams

I could see the G-string straight through the jeans

She must of thought I was gonna sweat her

She loved pine apple and I'm gonna wet her

In the club that's where I met her

Gimmie some head that's much better

Too many bad bitches in the club

All Krazy need is love

Give me a minute looks like you wanna fuck

Head out side to my navy truck

[Chorus x2: (Erica Fox) & Krazy]


I get freaky after hours

Straight to the holl tell hit the shower

Make it a quicky cuz my girl at home

Patiently waithing by the phone

I'm independent cuz I pay the bills

You fronting like Destiny's Child keep it real

Ain't nothing but the thug in me

They got all the bad bitches huggin me

She like me for my money and cars

I like her for her ????


I really like ?????

[Chorus: (Erica Fox) & Krazy]

[Till fade]

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