KRAZY - Downtown

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(feat. Suga Bear)

[Krazy talking]

Niggas put your rags on y'all motherfucking heads

Ain't even gone motherfucking go on the dance floor

If you ain't full of this fucking hennessy, or if you've been puffing weed

Cause you know where I'm from nigga now

[Chorus: Suga Bear (Krazy)]

Downtown, (I Reveal nigga)

Downtown, (Florida nigga)

Downtown, (Walter Feet niggas)

Downtown, (Desire niggas)

Downtown, (St. Bernard niggas)

Downtown, (7th Ward niggas)

Downtown, (6th Ward niggas)

Downtown, (8th Ward niggas)


I bust holes through you fake niggas bitching well

Alias hardhead, executioner still

R.I.P. Warren Mayes, alias Stone

I am here to represent you, your name live on

With my chopper in my hand, I'm a fool fo sho

I'll bust at any motherfucker you know

Bare with me cause sometimes, I get weak

When I was young all the good kids called me a freak

I see nothing but dead people when I open my eyes

Last night, me and Michael barely took a ride

Niggas thought that I was playing, when I told my town

Timmy saw the body burning across the canal, now


Downtown, (St. Rock niggas)

Downtown, (Macy Gland niggas)

Downtown, (Desire Glory niggas)

Downtown, (I.R.C. Quarter niggas)

Downtown, (The Mishou niggas)

Downtown, (even my Bank Street niggas)

Downtown, (the Downtown niggas)

Downtown, (nigga we pull triggers)


My nigga Lips told me to tell D-dry he miss her

And she been trying everyday since he died to kiss her

And my nigga Chucky wants the project when it dark

Leave the cell still receiving mail, round cloak

Nothing but the thug niggas, run our streets

From the Desire Florida, to the wild of wheats

To my thugs from the darkside, the Westbank

I got love for the Fisher cause y'all love the tank

My nigga Nardo, done posted my bail

He get a mill off top, from my album sale

To my 7th Ward hardheads, nigga keep it real

I'll see you soon as C.L. sign that deal


Downtown, (my I Reveal niggas)

Downtown, (my Florida niggas)

Downtown, (my Walter Feet niggas)

Downtown, (my Desire niggas)

Downtown, (my St. Bernard niggas)

Downtown, (my 7th Ward niggas)

Downtown, (my Westbank niggas)

Downtown, (my 5th Ward niggas)


I'm from downtown like Murder Fiend, but I'm the king

Let this whole fucking chopper ring when I do my thing

Downtown hoes wobble wobble, take it easy

5th Ward Weebie got them hoes up the heezy

But me I still bust quickly, if you freak me

I be there for you baby just beep me

Want to keep me, you got to be able to rock the bed

Hold up let me tell you the most important thing, I love some head

Creeping out the St. Bernard, from busting enough

Yeah I like her so a lot, but I know she a slut

These niggas think I'm going nuts when I bust with a glock

Tell them I'm from downtown, and I possessed my part, now


Downtown, (what, you bitches want to war)

Downtown, (we put rounds in your car)

Downtown, (you niggas ain't ready to fuck with us)

Downtown, (cause it's a must that we bust)

Downtown, (I don't give a fuck about none of you bitch niggas)

Downtown, (cause my niggas pull triggers)

Downtown, (cause my niggas tote choppers)

Downtown, (even the motherfucking feds can't stop us)

[Krazy talking]

Hold up nigga, don't get it twisted

I am downtown, and I represent that shit forever nigga

My alias doc holiday, I'm eternal nigga, I burn nigga

Like the rest of you niggas, we loaded, getting high nigga

Drinking hennessy, till we fucking die nigga

I'ma hallucinate right now, I can't see nothing but dead people

I'm a motherfucking downtown nigga, I don't give a fuck nigga

I rule the world nigga, breather motherfucking life nigga

It's No Limit, that was the worst thing you motherfucking haters could do nigga

Talk shit about me nigga, now I signed with No Limit

And I blow this motherfucker up nigga, I elevate to my fullest

I'm a tell you niggas you ain't ready, where niggas thugged out

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