KRAZY - Black Eyez

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(feat. Ed West)


Yeah I'm drunk, but I'm not too drunk enough I got to pay the bills

Think it's a game, when we get home

I'ma show you, I'ma deal with you, I'ma show you

[Chorus x4: Ed West]

I'm just a kid, I can't help but to cry

Daddy don't give mama no more black eyes


Lord make them stop fighting, I can hear my mama

In a hospital bed after another rumble

I'm only six years old, I can feel her pain

So many blows, to the head done finally drove her insane

But she love him, even though my daddy be creeping

But let him tell it, she's the one that's doing all the sneaking

Caught you cheating, so many times she let that go

Even when she caught you when she walked in the door

She would always play it cool, she didn't want to lose you

It was them same thuggish ways that's what made her chosse you

Mama, would rather be dead than to be without you

She held us for nine months, just to show she was true

Dear lord please help us cause we always broke

Daddy traded some food stamps for some (edited)

And the welfare checks he gambled that with the dice

Every night for seven days we ate egg and rice, now

[Chorus x4]


The police done came out again, you can go to jail

Me and moms started scams just to pay your bail

You made a promise that you'd stop, once again

Until you came home drunk, with a couple of friends

Breaking up our furniture, slapping moms

I think I, heard her cry about a million times

Tomorrow's my birthday, I turn eight

I ask you god please get rid of this man I hate

This is the tale of a young soldier, leave this side

You can wear them shades all you want they still can't hide the drama

That daddy put you through a broken heart

What's going on, he ain't act like this from the start

But once you got close, he started to change

Everytime you went out he started acting deranged

Telling you, who to hang with, picking your friends

That went bad, didn't mean nothing cause you living a sin, now

[Chorus x4]


Ten years old, my little sister sealed the fate

The cops are, looking for daddy for the candy she ate

It was the, same candy that daddy put in his nose

My mama, passed out when the casket closed

Now my daddy comes through the window, everynight

But my moms still crying something just ain't right

At night when I'm asleep I miss my little sister Sandy

Now my moms and daddy both, eat that candy

I don't watch the t.v. it mess us up every minute

Daddy said that the antenna got some candy in it

This morning when I woke up to go to school

Moms was in a deep sleep, so I figured it's cool

So I dressed myself, and I got on the bus

I'm kind of shocked that daddy didn't wake me up with a fuss

The police came to school just to make a check

Mommy was asleep, daddy had done beat her to death, now

[Chorus x4]

[Ed West vocalizing]

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