Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous lyrics

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I hop into the hot tub

To lay back and relax and get a scrub and a back rub

Sippin on some wine

The view is dope, you see the Manhattan skyline

I got it made in the game

No stress, no worries, the only pain is the champagne

Put on the silk bathrobe

I liveth the life, plus I been around the globe

Throw on a Barry White tape

While girls file my fingernails and feed me grapes

Step on a paddy-o and look at the city

No need to look for a girl, I got three right here with me

I'm gettin paid all at once

And I got money in jackets I didn't wear in five months

Nothin come up but fast bread

And I be countin it all while I'm layin in a brass bed

I got a maid and a chauffeur

Girls comin over, sit on a plush leather sofa

I got a smile on my face

Bank accounts and Chase group signings inside my pillow case

Now I'm livin kinda fat

Cause I came from the street and made a g with a rap

Now you know what my name is

G Rap livin the lifestyles of the rich and the famous


(I'm representin, puttin Queens on the map) --> Mr. Cheeks

G Rap livin the lifestyles of the rich and the famous

(I'm representin, puttin Queens on the map)

(Playin big willie style with the chauffeur

Yaknawmean?) --> Junior M.A.F.I.A.

[ VERSE 2 ]

Lookin TV, which one you wanna watch, gee?

Cause I got Sony, JVC, Magnumvox and Hitachi

See high prices are little to me

My suits are suede, plus robes are made in Italy

Spendin money like water

Rich men across the border offer me their daughter

And I'm never in a slump

Cause my big pockets got more lumps than Donald Trump's

Pretty women in my face, see

Took Gayle to Bloomingdale's and met Tracy at Macy's

Suckin on money like a vacume

Never got it hard, cause I got credit cards that are platinum

Not to mention the gold Visa

Got a safe in the wall behind paintings of Mona Lisa

Chandeliers in the hall

Ten stuffed deer heads are on my living room wall

More bills than Stills & Nash

I like to flash, cause I got more stash than Johnny Cash

Gold faucets on my sinks

Inside of my bedroom I got at least 20 fish tanks

I got power, and I'm known

See, I can call the President up straight on that red phone

So now you know what my game is

It's the lifestyles of the rich and the famous

[ VERSE 3 ]

I get the opposite sex

Cause while I write out checks, diamonds are shinin in my Rolex

My clout is outrageous

I'm on the phone with the owners of casinos in Las Vegas

Lookin heavy every day

I wear a pair of shoes once, and I'm throwin em away

Everything is like a breeze

I hired MP's just to guard all my ki's

Girls throwin lillies in my path

I got a yacht that makes the Love Boat look like a life raft


To make a deposit, I gotta call up armored trucks

Smilin while I'm stylin

I gave a girl her first lesson in sex on the Virgin Islands

Cause I'm the real money maker

More bread than a baker, the dead-president undertaker

A young brother gettin notes

I flew to London for the fog, just because I had the coat

So much money to spill

Whoever's not in my will might even get a mill

You want a car? That's miniture

No cash, don't sweat it, because my credit is my signature

My name should be Amos

Cause I'm livin the lifestyle of the rich and the famous

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